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A pie from the heart

“I make each pie with love and I enjoy every second of it!"


The Best Pie In Town

Boo Boo’s sweet potato pies is the result of a 10 year dream. My husband loves Sweet Potato Pie, and I began working with this formula to make this pie taste to his satisfaction. I continued adjusting the ingredients until one day he said that’s it, he loved it. (Don’t ever change it). We talked about starting a business for years, and began telling family members about the pie and shared it at family reunions. All we heard was, "that is so good, who made the sweet potato pie?????"  After years of talking and dreaming of sharing this pie with the world. My husband told me he was unable to sleep for 3 nights in a row. All he heard was start the business he had sweet potato pie to the brain! :)  NOW There’s sweet potato pie, and There’s Boo Boo’s Boo-ba-licious. Oh My God!

The Name Boo Boo is the result of our grandchildren who all refer to me, their Grandmother, as Boo Boo. A lot of Love has been put into the creation of these pies. Our goal is to make having pie a relaxing and enjoyable experience!  


of Operation

Deliveries Available
Mon - Sat

​9:00 am - 4:00 pm

$5 charge for local deliveries with a $10  minimum.

Booboo's Pies